Gopher Broke standing

I’m often asked, “What’s your main instrument?” The answer has always been, it depends on the style of music.

I play fiddle mostly, but for years I played mainly mandolin, before that guitar both acoustic and electric. In my early days of playing in a band and studying theory I played electric bass. I still play and teach all of them including tenor banjo and ukulele.

Here is a recording of me playing fiddle, mandolin and guitar on my tune First of the Year.

I perform solo and two bands:

While Rome Burns –  A duo with multi-instrumentalist Wyndham Thiessen.  We play tunes and songs  both original and from diverse sources. Watch us play here.

Gopher Broke – A trio playing Prairie Oldtime dance music with Mona Goodwin and Mark Gimby.

Saskatoon Contra Paul performs monthly at a contra dance both playing and calling.

Session – I’m hosting a weekly Oldtimey session at Thornton Park in Saskatoon at 1:pm. Recordings and PDF’s of Tunes can be found here.

Upcoming performances

Sadly due to Covid19 all performances have been canceled