Gopher Broke standing

I’m often asked, “What’s your main instrument?” The answer has always been, it depends on the style of music.

I play fiddle mostly, but for years I played mainly mandolin, before that guitar both acoustic and electric. In my early days of playing in a band and studying theory I played electric bass. I still play and teach all of them including tenor banjo and ukulele.

Here is a recording of me playing fiddle, mandolin and guitar on my tune First of the Year.

I perform solo and in several bands:

While Rome Burns –  A duo with multi-instrumentalist Wyndham Thiessen.  We play tunes and songs  both original and from diverse sources. Watch us play here.

Gopher Broke – A trio playing Prairie Oldtime dance music with Mona Goodwin and Mark Gimby.

Storm Warning – a new fiddle tune (trio) with Mike Klein on mandolin, Elliott Dillabough on guitar and myself on fiddle.

Old Time Music Hall started as a popup band. it is essentially the group Mike Klein has included on his soon to be recorded album project. The group is Mike on mandolin, Jille Shotton on banjo, Ryan Shotton on guitar, Nicola Tee on bass, and yours truly of fiddle.

Upcoming performances

Jan. 27 Old Time Music Hall @ The Bon Temps Cafe noon-2:pm

Feb. 3 Old Time Music Hall @ The Bon Temps Cafe noon-2:pm

March 1 Gopher Broke @ McNally Robinson 8:00 – 10:00pm

March 16 While Rome Burns @ McNally Robinson 8:00-10:00pm

March 29 Old Time Music Hall @ The Bassment 9:00 

April 5 Storm Warning @ McNally Robinson 8:00 – 10:00pm