Composer of fiddle tunes

Fiddle Hand

I’ve been composing tunes since 1975 and have  written over 390 tunes in a variety of styles. They are mainly dance oriented, but can be performed differently than my intended style. I have composed reels, jigs, hornpipes, strathspeys, waltzes, airs, swing, blues, ragtime, hambo and more. Some are Irish in flavour, others Scottish, Appalachian, Klezmer, Québécois, Métis, Cajun and some that defy description.

Check out Alistair Fraser conducting the San Fransico Fiddle Orchestra playing a couple of my tunes.

The fabulous Stringrays play my hit tune Flying Home to Shelley here.

I am thrilled that folks enjoy playing and dancing to my tunes. Hearing from fans makes my day, so please feel free to email and let me know which ones you’re playing.

PDF’s of the tunes are here

ABC file’s are here

MP3’s are here

The only request I make is that if you plan to record them please let me know so we can discuss the very reasonable royalties. I do attempt to make a living at music.

My CD contains 29 original tunes.

The album features a dozen cuts as well as a dozen notable West Coast musicians such as

Cam Wilson, Andy Hillhouse,

Amy Stephen,

Rich Sobel, David Jonsson,

Russell Shumsky,  Rene Worst, and the late and much missed Cameron Stuart.

The tune sets are a mix of Irish, Old Timey, Klezmer,

Eastern European, Mariachi, New England Contra, Bossa, and Swing.

The most often heard comment is that would be great in a movie!

To all movie moguls, please call me up about using my music in your next blockbuster.

CD’s are $10. plus shipping. You can order my CD here: